Many people have read books like the “Secret”, books on mindfulness or mind over matter, open mindedness, positive thinking.   The whole universe is made of light and vibrational energy.

Any form of exercise (eg; walking/yoga/swimming/gym/martial arts), positive changes to diet, massage, fresh air, holiday, yogic breathing, positive thoughts, music, dancing, affirmations, acupuncture, herbal medicine, mantras…etc., will bring about a change due to energetic changes caused in the mind and body and in many cases reconnecting the mind, body and soul.  The mind becomes calmer and better able to deal with challenges.  The mind is not designed to be active all the time and should rest not only when sleeping but just being without excess thinking and activity.  Yoga, breathing, Tai Chi slow the mind and bring the individual closer to listening to their body and mind, working with energy centres (chakras/meridians) and doing what, and working from where is right for them

Plants trap light and energy and they have their own unique vibration this is then introduced to the body via consumption, colour, smell, topical application; thereby bring about energetic change.  Some plants and combination of plants are stronger than others and therefore can bring about noticeable change and others bring about a subtle change.  Plants have been around a lot longer than humans; they are highly evolved, intelligent and special beings of light.  I am passionate about herbal medicine, have personal experience with myself and patients and it does help all those who are open to plant medicine.  Plant medicine can be used with conventional medicine when safely prescribed for a wide range of conditions from skin, to endocrine to major organ problems to cancer.  Plant medicine is personal to the patient therefore, two people with the same condition, will receive a different prescription and advice based on their individual symptoms and needs.

Vibration in the form of a plant or food, music, massage (as listed above), will bring about change.  If those foods are unhealthy or the music is not good then the change will be negative, however if the food is healthy, the music is light and can be danced to or is relaxing the changes will be positive.  Many people find themselves driving faster if they have fast music playing in the car, or feel relaxed with slower or instrumental music.  Why do people feel so much better after a form of exercise or a holiday?  This is because it is all to do with slowing the mind, shifting energies and clearing out stagnation in the mind and body, allowing fresh oxygenated blood reaching the peripheries.

Many issues that the world is facing today are due to selfishness greed and ignorance.  Mankind has been conditioned and led astray from our true nature.

So for me its spending time in nature, walking, yoga and Herbal Medicine.  For you it may be something else.  However its important not to have closed ideas and try it, like you would a new food or perfume or toiletries.  If one adopts a combination of the above the positive change will be more dramatic and rewarding.  Life is to experience, learn, help and respect thy neighbour, truthfulness, take responsibility for your own health and live from the heart.

Vibrational medicine through Plant medicine, the way of Nature.

Gaiaherbaltherapy acknowledges and supports those who are less fortunate by reducing costs or free consultation.  However, please respect that the practitioner needs to earn a living.  Charges reflect the skills, qualifications and background work required for a qualified herbal practitioner.  These charges are comparable and possibly favourable, to other alternative therapies.