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Gaia Herbal Therapy – Improving Health and Well being: Reduced Prices

Reduced prices for anyone who has a flu-like illness and needs further support

Please note: anyone who is seriously ill and/or a vulnerable person should obtain advice and assistance from the NHS


Help yourself: at this challenging time, eat healthily with plenty of fluids, fruits and vegetables, reduced refined flours and sugars, reduce alcohol, reduced processed and fried foods, get plenty of sleep and rest, exercise regularly.

During Any illness: allow yourself plenty of rest, eat light foods such as lightly boiled or steamed vegetables, fruits, soups, plenty of rest and fluids. You can continue to take vitamins especially Vitamin C. Use a wet saltwater flannel to cool the head. Rub Vicks on your feet and/or chest/back/nose to help with breathing. Take steam with eucalyptus and peppermint oils.

Important Nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Magnesium, Garlic, Ginger.

Herbal Medicine can support to control fever and pain, assist the immune system, improve breathing, improve energy, assist in reducing viral load by improving elimination from the body and support the patient’s nervous system.

Many modern medicines were made from plants for example: Aspirin (Willow bark), Digoxin (Foxglove), Morphine, Codeine (Opium Poppy). Many drugs are now synthetic replications of the original plant extract.

Medical Herbal Practitioners are trained at Degree Level in clinical skills, pathologies general health skills. They are also trained in interactions with herbal and conventional medicines. A qualified practitioner is insured and would use all the above skills in order to put together personalised medicine.

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