Digestion:  "I have actually been really rather good.  I have been able to eat in the mornings...actually wanted to eat.  Usually I can't eat until mid morning. Much more comfortable stomach wise...not bloated and uncomfortable.  Have been eating more veg and dark chocolate.  Amazing...wish I had come to see you sooner"   October 2016

Digestion, Pain & Fatigue  "Thank you for your amazing help this year.  Both my daughter and I are so pleased that she has been able to end the year with a turnaround in her health after suffering for so long.  She has been able to enjoy the party season a little more too!"   December 2019

Tennis/Golf Elbow  "Vasanti has made up herbal medicine for me which helped me tremendously with my pain and inflammation through my time when I suffered from Tennis Elbow in 2018/19.  Her medicine was much gentler on my stomach than the pharmaceutical strong ones and I had no side effects.  I highly recommend Gaia Herbal Therapy as it has really worked for me."  April 2020

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